The hippocampus contributes to temporal duration memory in the context of event sequences: A cross-species perspective

Lee ACH, Thavabalasingam S*, Alushaj D*, Çavdaroğlu B*, Ito R

* equal contribution.

Neuropsychologia 137: 107300

Exploring the interaction between approach-avoidance conflict and memory processing

Double dissociation of learned approach–avoidance conflict processing and spatial pattern separation along the dorsoventral axis of the dentate gyrus

Yeates D, Ussling A, Lee ACH, Ito R

Hippocampus. Early Online DOI: 10.1002/hipo.23182


The validated circular shape space: Quantifying the visual similarity of shape.

Examining the representational content of perirhinal cortex and posterior ventral visual pathway regions when maintenance of visual information is interrupted

O'Neil EB, Lee ACH

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How are visual words represented? Insights from EEG‐based visual word decoding, feature derivation and image reconstruction

Ling SY, Lee ACH, Armstrong BC, Nestor A

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Evidence for the incorporation of temporal duration information in human hippocampal long-term memory sequence representations

Thavabalasingam S*, O'Neil EB*, Tay J, Nestor A, Lee ACH

*equal contribution.

Proc Nat Acad Sci: USA 116: 6407-6414


Does family history of alcohol use disorder relate to differences in regional brain volumes? A review with new data

McPhee M, Claus ED, Boileau I, Lee ACH, Graff A, Hendershot CS

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Multivoxel pattern similarity suggests the integration of temporal duration in hippocampal event sequence representations

Thavabalasingam S, O'Neil EB, Lee ACH

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Ventral hippocampal CA1 and CA3 differentially mediate learned approach-avoidance conflict processing

Schumacher A, Villaruel FR, Ussling A, Riaz S, Lee ACH, Ito R

Curr Biol 28: 1318-1324


Erasing and blurring memories: The differential impact of interference on separate aspects of forgetting

Sun SZ*, Fidalgo C*, Barense MD✝, Lee ACH✝, Cant JS✝, Ferber S✝

*/✝equal contribution.

J Exp Psychol: Gen 146: 1606-30

Memory and perception-based facial image reconstruction

Chang C-H, Nemrodov D, Lee ACH*, Nestor A*

*equal contribution.

Sci Rep 7: 6499

Perception of impossible scenes reveals differential hippocampal and parahippocampal place area contributions to spatial coherency

Douglas D, Thavabalasingam S, Chorghay Z, O’Neil EB, Barense MD, Lee ACH

Hippocampus 27: 61-76


Early cognitive decline in older adults better predicts object than scene recognition performance

Fidalgo, CO, Changoor, AT, Page-Gould, E, Lee, ACH*, Barense, MD*

*equal contribution.

Hippocampus 26: 1579-92

Temporal lobe contribution to perceptual function: A tale of three patient groups

Behrmann, M, Lee, ACH, Geskin, JZ., Graham, KS*, Barense, MD*

*equal contribution.

Neuropsychologia 90: 33-45

The role of the hippocampus in approach-avoidance conflict decision-making: Evidence from rodent and human studies.

Ito R, Lee ACH

Behav Brain Res 313: 345-57

Recognition memory is improved by a structured temporal framework at encoding

Thavabalasingam S, O'Neil EB, Zeng Z, Lee ACH

Front Psychol 6: 2062


Examining the role of the human hippocampus in approach-avoidance decision-making using a novel conflict resolution paradigm and multivariate functional magnetic resonance imaging

O’Neil EB*, Newsome RN*, Li IH*, Thavabalasingam S, Ito R, Lee ACH

*equal contribution

J Neurosci 35: 15015-1525. 

Multivariate fMRI and eye tracking reveal differential effects of visual interference on recognition memory judgments for objects and scenes

O’Neil EB*, Watson HC*, Dhillon S, Lobaugh N, Lee ACH

*equal contribution.

J Cogn Neurosci 27: 1708-22


The human hippocampus is sensitive to the durations of events and intervals within a sequence

Barnett AJ, O’Neil EB, Watson HC, Lee ACH

Neuropsychologia 64: 1-12


Disentangling spatial perception and spatial memory in the hippocampus: A univariate and multivariate pattern analysis fMRI study

Lee ACH, Brodersen KH, Rudebeck SR

J Cogn Neurosci 25: 534-46

The perirhinal cortex and recognition memory interference

Watson HC, Lee ACH

J Neurosci 33: 4192-200

It doesn't look odd to me: Perceptual impairments and eye movements in amnesic patients with medial temporal lobe damage

Erez J, Lee ACH*, Barense, MD*.

*equal contribution

Neuropsychologia 51: 168-80

Can complex visual discrimination deficits in amnesia be attributed to the medial temporal lobe? An investigation into the effects of medial temporal lobe damage on brain connectivity

Rudebeck SR, Filippini N, Lee ACH

Hippocampus 23: 7-13


A potential spatial working memory training task to improve both episodic memory and fluid intelligence

Rudebeck SR, Bor D, Ormond A, O’Reilly JX, Lee ACH

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The hippocampus and visual perception.

Lee ACH, Yeung L-K, Barense MD

Hum Neurosci 6: 91

Intact memory for irrelevant information impairs perception in amnesia

Barense MD, Groen II, Lee ACH, Yeung LK, Brady SM, Gregori M, Kapur N, Bussey TJ, Saksida LM, Henson RN

Neuron 75: 157-67


Human medial temporal lobe damage can disrupt the perception of single objects

Lee ACH, Rudebeck SR

J Neurosci 30: 6588-94

Going beyond LTM in the MTL: a synthesis of neuropsychological and neuroimaging findings on the role of the medial temporal lobe in memory and perception

Graham KS, Barense MD, Lee ACH 

Neuropsychologia 48: 831-53

Investigating the interaction between spatial perception and working memory in the human medial temporal lobe

Lee ACH, Rudebeck SR

J Cogn Neurosci 22: 2823-35

The hippocampus and configural-relational memory: a relationship confined to memory?

Lee ACH, Baxter MG

Proc Nat Acad Sci 107: E21

Medial temporal lobe activity during complex discrimination of faces, objects and scenes: Effects of viewpoint

Barense MD, Henson RNA, Lee ACH, Graham KS

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Fornix microstructure correlates with recollection but not familiarity memory

Rudebeck SR, Scholz J, Millington R, Rohenkohl G, Johansen-Berg H, Lee ACH

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Activating the medial temporal lobe during oddity judgement for faces and scenes

Lee ACH, Scahill VL, Graham KS

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Impairments in visual discrimination in amnesia: implications for theories of the role of medial temporal lobe regions in human memory

Graham KS, Lee ACH, Barense MD

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Differing profiles of face and scene discrimination deficits in semantic dementia and Alzheimer's Disease

Lee ACH, Levi N, Davies RR, Hodges JR, Graham KS

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Perirhinal cortex activity during visual object discrimination: an event-related fMRI study

Lee ACH, Bandelow S, Schwarzbauer C, Henson RNA, Graham KS

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Abnormal categorization and perceptual learning in patients with hippocampal damage

Graham KS, Scahill VL, Hornberger M, Barense MD, Lee ACH, Bussey TJ, Saksida LM

J Neurosci 26: 7547-54

Differentiating the roles of the hippocampus and perirhinal cortex in processes beyond long-term declarative memory: a double dissociation in dementia

Lee ACH, Buckley MJ, Gaffan D, Emery T, Hodges JR, Graham KS

J Neurosci 26: 5198-203

Frontal lobe involvement in spatial span: converging studies of normal and impaired function

Bor D, Duncan J, Lee ACH, Parr A, Owen AM

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Functional specialization in the human medial temporal lobe

Barense MD, Bussey TJ, Lee ACH, Rogers TT, Davies RR, Saksida LM, Murray EA, Graham KS

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The contribution of the human medial temporal lobes to perception: bridging the gap between animal and human studies

Lee ACH, Barense MD, Graham KS

Quart J Exp Psychol 58B:300-25

Specialisation in the medial temporal lobe for processing of objects and scenes

Lee ACH, Buckley MJ, Pegman SJ, Spiers H, Scahill VL, Gaffan D, Bussey TJ, Davies RR, Kapur N, Hodges JR, Graham KS

Hippocampus 15: 782-797

Perceptual deficits in amnesia: challenging the medial temporal lobe ‘mnemonic’ view

Lee ACH, Bussey TJ, Murray EA, Saksida LM, Epstein RA, Kapur N, Hodges JR, Graham KS

Neuropsychologia 43: 1-11

Failing to get the gist: reduced false recognition of semantic associates in semantic dementia

Simons JS, Lee ACH, Graham KS, Verfaellie M, Koutstaal W, Hodges JR, Schacter DL, Budson AE

Neuropsychology 19, 353-361


The neural basis of autobiographical and semantic memory: new evidence from three PET studies

Graham KS, Lee ACH, Brett M, Patterson K

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Associative and recognition memory for objects in dementia: implications for diagnosis

Lee ACH, Rahman S, Hodges JR, Sahakian BJ, Graham KS

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Regional brain activations differ for semantic features but not categories

Lee ACH, Graham KS, Simons J, Hodges JR, Owen AM, Patterson K

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Evidence for asymmetric frontal lobe involvement in episodic memory from functional magnetic resonance imaging and patients with unilateral frontal lobe excisions

Lee ACH, Robbins TW, Smith S, Calvert GA, Tracey I, Matthews P, Owen AM

Neuropsychologia 40: 2420-37

‘Prey or Pray?’ Semantic memory investigated using a novel episodic memory task

Lee ACH, Robbins TW, Graham KS, Owen AM

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Episodic memory meets working memory in the frontal lobes: functional neuroimaging studies of encoding and retrieval

Lee ACH, Robbins TW, Owen AM

Crit Rev Neurobiol 14:165-97

Asymmetric frontal activation during episodic memory: the effects of stimulus type on encoding and retrieval

Lee ACH, Robbins TW, Pickard JD, Owen AM

Neuropsychologia 38:677-92

Dissociating aspects of verbal working memory within the human frontal lobe: Further evidence for a “process-specific” model of lateral frontal organisation

Owen AM, Lee ACH, Williams EJ

Psychobiology 28: 146-55

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Book Chapters


Medial temporal lobe contributions to memory and perception: evidence from amnesia.

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